The "Lost" Months of Blog Silence

Three months of blogging silence.  No, we're not all sleeping through the night.  No, I've not run out of things to say.

Our baby is now 11 months and is more alert, mobile and curious.  His little hands can now touch all the things he's only seen from a static place on the floor.  His increasing teeth can now bite down on all those tasty hard surfaces that he's longingly gazed at from afar.  Within seconds, he's crawled to the shoe rack, smelling rubber boots or stroking velcro straps.  He's emptying cupboards and climbing the stairs.  He's tugging the curtains and teething on table legs.  He's outgrown all the clothes that he was wearing three months ago and has cut three more teeth.

His older brother is wiser, silver-tongued and now nappy-free.  He role-plays with sticks and talks to the toys; he's solving the jigsaws and sowing the seeds.  He's grown 25mm (ish) and expanded his vocabulary by roughly 50 words.  He now puts on funny voices when giving roles to his teddies and can do a forward roll.  He's been obsessed by planting seeds and we now have to avoid the seed display in Tesco or face yet another seed packet or meltdown.  Our windowsills are packed full of his handy work with a trowel: courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, butternut squash, sunflowers, wild flowers, carrots.  Even fennel.  Any upcoming birthdays will be getting some seedlings.
He's also trying out a bit of sarcasm:
Papa cracks a joke
Leo, in monotone: "Good one, Papa."
So proud.

In three months, I'm older and wiser, too.  I've started a new outdoor playgroup, 'Books in the Woods': an informal gathering of lovely people to share in a story and roam among trees.  I've read (or re-read) a few books (Anna Karenina, Othello, Tess of the D'Ubervilles, Death of a Salesman, Lord of the Flies, Wonder, Jane Eyre, Atonement) and given hours of Literature tuition to GCSE and A-Level students.  I've also set up a unique playgroup in a local care home, specialising in Dementia care, that trials this week, mixing our youngest and eldest generations.  The idea is simply to have a giggle and spread some joy, but we might all learn something about ourselves and each other as we sing old time nursery rhymes, chase bubbles and chatter over tea and biscuits.  More on this after next week.

We've also had local council elections and our PM has called for General Election next month.  Woop.

Are we sleeping more? Not really.  Are we sleep-deprived? Not critically.  Are we worried that our boys aren't sleeping through the night? Not especially.


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