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Boo to Hallowe'en: zombie mum too cool for tricks or too killjoy for treats?

At the eleventh hour, I've realised that I cannot be bothered with Hallowe'en.

I am sitting next to a truly beautiful specimen of pumpkin, grown by us, from seed.  We had two beauties from a virgin gardening project and have already roasted and frozen the contents of one, ready for a future soup or pie.  I've googled "how to carve a pumpkin" and quizzed more experienced parents whose neighbourhoods all 'do' Hallowe'en.  I imagined that I'd rather enjoy the artistic challenge and have been dreaming up novel ideas to impress my family and local community.  I came pretty close to lugging a hand-carved home-grown orange gourd to an outdoor playgroup in the woods.  I didn't.  After all, no one likes a show off.

However, I should admit that I have already paid one small homage to Hallowe'en this year (aside from the sleep-deprived zombie look I've been sporting since the dawn of motherhood).  In preparation for the playgroup, I did plan a H…